Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Singing - It's Time for Church Ya'all!

Click on the video below, and sit back and let's have church!

Be sure to let it play all the way. There are 17 hymns here. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Shopping Saturday - Those Strange Grocery Sacks

Those Strange Grocery Sacks

There was a time, in the past, when we didn't have plastic grocery bags, with nice cut away holes to make handles, and ease of carrying. Before that, we had the ever popular paper sack. Which you didn't dare keep, because they might have roach eggs in them! (My Mom's biggest fear!) Although when I first started keeping house, I kept them to line my garbage cans with. And prior to the paper sack, there was the ever popular gunny sack , or burlap bag. While I don't remember using them to carry home groceries, I know many people who do!

I have purchased stone ground cornmeal in them. And feed for farm animals. As well as potatoes.

When I was in the second grade (I have a photo of it somewhere), my Mom made me a costume for a school play out of burlap sacks. (I played an American Indian woman.)  The effect was quite good actually!

While I am grateful for the ease of carrying groceries home today, I try to use a non-recyclable bag instead of plastic. One that I can use over and over again for long periods of time. Usually made out of loosely woven material. They are cheap (some as low as only 50-cents), and don't harm animals or the environment.

The burlap bags would be welcomed today, if made into a handled bags! Who is with me in starting a trend of burlap shopping bags?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Family Recipe Friday - Granny's Strawberry Poke Cake

Granny's Strawberry Poke Cake

Okay folks, here is the recipe that I have been promising to put up for some time now. It has been requested several times, because of it's versatility.

When my grandmother, "Granny", made dessert, this is the cake she usually made (this or her candied orange cake). This was by far her most popular. And everyone makes it out to be a big deal, when in reality, it's probably one of the easiest there is! And EVERYONE loves it!

You simply need a white cake mix, a large (makes 4 cups) box of jello mix in the flavor you want to make the cake (in this instance strawberry), a tub of Cool Whip, and a carton of strawberries (you can slice them, or leave them whole).

Bake the cake according to directions, and allow it to cool in the pan. Next empty the jello mix into a medium bowl, and add 2 cups of boiling water. Stir until well dissolved. Next, take the handle of a wooden cooking spoon, and poke holes all over the top of the cake, about 3/4 of the way deep into the cake. Now pour the jello mixture all over the top of the cake. It will fill up the holes you have made. Place the cake pan in the refrigerator and allow the jello to set up. Once it is cold, and the jello firm, you are to ice the cake with the Cool Whip. Use as much or as little as you like (I usually make the cake in a 13"x9" cake pan, and use a large tub of Cool Whip.) Then decorate the top with the strawberries. You can also add red candy sprinkles if you like.

To make it another flavor, try using orange jello instead, and top with mandarin orange slices, or candied orange slices.

You can use lime jello, and top with candied lime peels! Use lemon jello and top with candied lemon peels! Use peach jello and top with canned peach slices! If there is a flavor of jello, you can change the flavor of this cake! Just add whatever fruit matches the jello to the top of the Cool Whip after chilling! And everyone loves this!



Did you guess the Those Places site from yesterday's post?

If you were in Germany prior to the Regan Administration, you would have seen this familiar site in (drum roll please), Berlin, Germany. You were actually looking at the Berlin Wall, which, of course, is no longer standing.

Did you guess correctly? Let us know how you did!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Those Places Wednesday - Where Am I?

Do you recognize this place? If so, please let us know! We'll be posting the correct answer tomorrow below the regular blog post.
Hint: Something in this picture is no longer there!
Be sure to let us know where you think this is!

Wedding Wednesday - Who Is That Couple?

That certain couple who were married 27 February 1998.
Can you guess who?
Oh, there they are!
Boy, you don't realize how you have changed until you look back 19 years! We both had dark hair in those days! (I have snow white hair now, and he has salt and pepper colored hair, but his beard is snow white!)

On this day, we stood before my parents, my sister and her family, and a friend from my workplace. My daughter, Crystal, was my Maid of Honor, and two of my sons, Chris and Mike, acted as Best Men. (The twins were away at school when we were married.)

Since my dear hubby was from Texas, I thought it appropriate to get married in a little church I knew with the name of "Lone Star Baptist Church". So, I called the minister up, about 45 days before the wedding, and asked if he would be available to marry us. He said he would be glad to. But when I told him our names, he asked if it was a joke! (My name was Cynthia Beane, and the grooms name was John Henry.) When I explained it was not a joke, he agreed to perform the ceremony, but I could tell he was a bit hesitant.

One the day of the wedding, we all arrived at the church. We waited outside for nearly an hour, and the minister did not show up. Thankfully, my sister had a car phone. (Cell phones were still not popular then, although a few bigger cities had them.) So, hubby called the minister, who was very quick to head to the church. He later told me, he really did think I was joking, and had made up the names just to pull a prank on him!

The veil with floral headpiece and flowers I carried were all handmade by my sister. The tea-length suit was purchased from a catalog for a hundred dollars. His suit was borrowed from my Dad.

We later traveled to Monroe, Virginia and spent a week exploring the Natural Bridge Cavern, the Natural Bridge, and wax museum. And visited with the other two children who had not been able to get away from school for the wedding, who were also in Monroe.

It wasn't a grand wedding. Very small and intimate. And it almost didn't happen, because of a minister who thought the Bride was joking!

As we inch farther into 2017, we also inch closer to our 20th wedding anniversary. We couldn't be happier together as we begin a time of getting to be a little lazy (retirement) if we want. Well, he is retired. I on the other hand work a full time job as an insurance nurse/social worker, and own Mountain Genealogy. And am getting ready to begin writing an information blog for Baby Boomers. So, I am busier than ever in my life! But I love it!

We are finally without any kids in the house! And we have just us. Which while it can leave some feeling the empty nest, thankfully, I didn't go through that. We simply did away with any bedrooms besides our own, and now have two offices. His. And hers. And we enjoy being able to leave and go when we want to!

Are you married? Do you have funny stories to tell about your wedding? Did you get upset due to a blunder? Or did you roll with the punches? Be sure and let us know!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday's Tip - One of My Favorite Sites For Research

Have you ever utilized for researching an ancestor?

You haven't? Well, why haven't you?

I have used this site sparingly, until this year. The main reason I was reluctant to use it, is because anyone can add to, or detract from, information placed on the site. So, I have always looked at it with trepidation. And I still do! However, I have found information regarding several of my ancestor's on this site, and then due to information listed here I was able to verify it with either local records, or with subscription sites.

I have found that this site gives me a great deal of information, and while I have been hesitant in the past, I am ready, now, to recommend it to you.

Here I have found information that was wickedly scandalous for some of my ancestors. And while I made notes in my notebooks, and not in my genealogy program, I was able to search through records and uncover some really remarkable things! (For instance, one my ancestors, along with her son, and a nephew, angered King Henry VIII, and he had them locked in the Tower of London, and later beheaded. And another was locked in the Tower, but was later allowed to go free as she had once assisted the King with a certain wife of the King, as he courted her, and so feeling generous, and because of her advanced age, he released her, and restored part of her lands and title back to he
I also found an uncle who ran for the US Senate and was able to provide proof that he did actually win the election. There was no one left that was living at the time, and the living brothers and sister were only able to tell me that they knew he was "in to politics".  To actually find records that supported this, was a great find! And I did it all because of the little knowledge that Wikipedia gave me.

I again remind you, if you use Wikipedia, please don't accept it as gospel! Instead, use that info as a jumping board to assist you getting into records you need to find to provide proof. The really fabulous thing about Wikipedia, is that most contributors have listed references, and their sources. So, finding the information won't be that hard to do. And once you have the source and information before you, then you can add it to your family tree program!

Why not give it a try? I think you'll find it very helpful!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Amanuensis Monday - The Indenture

The Indenture Contract for William Bean (1792-1864)

The transcription of the above contract reads as follows:

"Dated 18 Sept. 1804

"This indenture made this 18th of Sept 1804 one thousand eight hundred and four between Jas. Christy owen Neal Robt Johnston and henry McDaniel of the one part overseers of the poor for monroe County and henry Smith of the other part witnesseth that the so overssers doth bind an orphan boy named William Bean aged twelfth years to the said henry Smith of the county aforesaid and State of virginia to Serve the said henry Smith until he arrives at the age of twenty one years, during all which time the Said William Bean Shall faithfully Serve his Master and all his lawful Commands obay he Sall not suffer any Damage to be done to his Said Masters goods without giving him notice thereof he Shall not frequent Still houses or taverns he shall not play at Cards dice or any unlawful game or at any time abscond himself from his masters business without his Masters leave he Shall not commit fornication nor Contract matrimony during said term but as a true and faithful servant shall truely and diligently Serve his Said Master until he arrives at the age aforesaid and the henry Smith in Consideration thereof doth Covenant and agree to have the so William Bean taught the art trade or Mastery of a Black Smith and provide for him a sufficiency of everyt thing thats requiset for an aprentice during the term of his aprenticeship likewise he is to have him taught to read the holy Scriptures planely to write a plane hand and arithmatic through te rule of three which Education he is to be thoroughly acquainted with at the Expiration of his time and also to give him Such freedom dues as the law direct taking Care to have Said aprentice instructed in the Principals and duties of the Christian religion as far as Said Master is Capable In writing whereof the partys have interchangeably set their hands inscribed this day and year above writen Signed Sealed ad delivered in the presents of  - John Hinchman - Owen Neal - Henry Smith - Jas. Christy"

[The above document's transcription is verbatim, spelling and grammatical errors intact.]

William Bean was my gr-gr-grandfather. He was born 18 Sept. 1792 and died 01 Jan. 1864. He was born in Baltimore, MD and died in Potts Creek, near Waiteville, Monroe County, West Virginia.